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  It describes our company’s products - stainless steel stencils made by laser cutting. These stencils can be interesting for manufacturers who apply surface mount technology for PCB assembly.
What can we offer?
  • Short production time — 1 working day.
  • Excellent quality
  • Automatic round-the-clock on-line web service of orders
  • Using of high quality materials and modern high-precision lasercut equipment from world leader LPKF AG
  • Flexible discount policy.
CHARGE-FREE included in cost of order
  • Order preparation by our engineer according to customer's requirements 
  • Laser engraving text (up to 25 characters)
  • Contrast electromarking of stencils with full parameters of order
  • Checking of quality by specialized Automatic Optic Inspection system
  • Final electropolishing of stencils
  • Convenient packing for transportation and storage of stencil
      Stencils (also screens or masks) - this are our self-made products manufactured from thin stainless steel sheet with openings (apertures) cut by high-precision laser.  
  Their main features are high strength, tight manufacturing tolerances, long durability. They are much easier to use than chemical etched stencils.
    SMT stencils are used for surface mount assembling of PCBs. High manufacturing accuracy of such stencils, specialized laser cut aperture shape and surface, higher wear strength and other advantages allow to achieve precise solder paste volumes and high quality of stencil printing for products of any complexity. Combined with long life and ensured stencil printing process repeatability during all lifetime this type of stencils is the best choice of those who know the value of their time and costs and care about their products quality.
  Now we invite you to read deeply of our site. You will get to know about the stencil manufacturing technology, materials and equipment used, as well as how to make and order and track it in production. Also you will find a lot of valuable information, dedicated to stencil data preparation, their manufacturing and using.
  If you have any questions, please, call us or send an e-mail. If everything is clear, you can order a stencil directly on our site as it has been already done by many our customers.
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