Lasercut stencil and details

Common technical data for stencils

  Here we have collected all useful technical information relative to stencil design and practical application in production.

Stencil design
  • Stencil design basics for SMT application
  Here key recommendations on surface mount stencils design, choosing optimal material thickness and possible stencil apertures shape and size modification are given.
  • Recommendations for preparation of stencil ordering files 
   Is it important to understand how to prepare files for ordering by proper way? How to do it so that it will be clear as for Customer and also for Manufacturer? Let try to understand it step by step.  
  • Stencil design verification
  Typically, such verification is needed for PCAD 4.5/8.5, OrCAD, Protel DXP and some other CAD systems. It is related to a risk of units and aperture arrangement errors and partial apertures loss while exporting their files to GERBER format. To avoid such mistakes at the step of file preparation for production we send the GERBER and AutoCAD (DXF) files of the stencil that is to be made for verification and confirmation. This described verification procedure will allow you to check key parameters if files for production were prepared correctly.
Using of stencils in PCB assembly process 
  • Solder paste stencil printing in PCB mount process
  Solder paste stencil printing in PCB mount process. Parameters of stencil printing process. Methods of stencil printing. Stencil cleaning.
  • Solder paste printing defects and troubleshooting
  Description of main defects, appearing during stencil printing and troubleshooting advices for them. Removing of solder paste from apertures. Excessive solder paste. Solder paste ears formation. Smudged solder paste. Insufficient solder paste deposition. Poor squeegee lifting from stencil. Solder paste dry out.