Lasercut stencil and details

Framed stencils

Трафарет на собственной раме
Трафарет на собственной раме (вид сзади)

Fig.1 Example of  framed ​​stencil made ​​of aluminum profile and stretched on polyester mesh.


Advantages of framed stencils: 

  • Framed stencils have a longer operating life than usual full-metal stencils.
  • Convenient to handle at workplace, because a stencil is constantly tensioned on polyester mesh and is protected by its aluminum frame.
  • Stencil maintains constant tension for a longer period of time, that's why often use for large-scale production.
  • Convenient in the cases when it makes no sense to buy tensioning system because of  rare changing of PCB models in the production or when the tensioning system is not available for production needs yet.
  • Reconfiguration time for a new type of PCB printing is reduced, because this type of stencil has own frame on which it is constantly tensioned 
  • Frame length can be more than 1 meter - it is possible to produce extra large stencils with a longer working area  required for the printing of large-size PCBs or LED products. Such large working area can not be reached on the stencils for tensioning systems.

  We can produce stencils with almost any sized frames, made ​​of aluminum profile, 30 or 40mm thickness.

  On your request polyester mesh can be protected with an aluminum tape, that protects mesh from solder paste residues pollution.
Тензиометр для контроля натяжения сетки
			Fig. 2 The degree of mesh tension is checked by a special portable tensiometer.

Framed stencils production time is 3-5 working days and in general it depends on production time of aluminum frame.
  If you are going to order this type of stencils constantly , we can offer you to buy frames in advance, which will be used only for your orders. In this case, production time will be reduced to 1-2 working days.